TraxworX Information Technology Services (Pty) Ltd


TraxworX Information Technology Systems (Pty) Ltd use a number of OpenSource software solutions to provide a no-nonsense and no-frills solution to Point-of-Sale, Website Development and B2C eCommerce solutions and Network routing and Firewall solutions to its increasing customer base.  

We do also provide commercial solutions where the business case requires it.

Airline Systems

Watch this space for an announcement from TraxworX Information Technology Services (Pty) Ltd…


Your own website is within easy reach!  We’ll help you register your domain and host your website and will help you maintain your content or show you how its done using our template-driven, self-hosting packages for personal and business use.


Are you looking to provide your customers with a convenient way to purchase your products without queues and unneccessary exposure to Covid-19?  Going online with your shop couldn’t be simpler, we provide the hosting space, help you set up and configure your storefront, implement secure payment gateways and assist with loading your products online to get you going fast.   

Point Of Sale systems

Need a POS system for your business?  We have everything you need to get up and running with minimal fuss and bother.  Our software is easy to use and with our barcode scanners, barcode printers and reciept printers and cash drawer solutions you’ll have a full POS system running within hours.

Routers and Voice-Over-IP systems

MikroTik is a Latvian network equipment manufacturer. The company develops and sells wired and wireless network routers, network switches, access points, as well as operating systems and auxiliary software. The company was founded in 1996 with the focus of selling equipment in emerging markets.

Fanvil is an established VoIP desktop phone developer and manufacturer from China. Fanvil has grown into one of the largest and most popular brands of VoIP phones around the world after recognizing the global demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions. Fanvil produces devices for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.